A little more about Keely:

Your books are awesome! How can I show my support?

Thank you! There are lots of great ways to show your support: write a review, tell your friends, share buy links on social media…buy the next book or give one as a gift…

Who keeps you reading into the wee hours?

Best. Question. Ever! Any book has the potential to make me bleary-eyed in the morning, over the years, this answer has changed as new authors come on to the scene, but some of my top go-to authors are Lois McMaster Bujold, Pippa Grant, Toni Anderson, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews…I could go on…

What else do you do for fun besides reading and writing? 

Um…is this a trick question? <grin> I also like TALKING about reading and writing. Seriously, talking about stories…which is really talking about the human condition…is endlessly fascinating to me. There’s nothing better than trying to figure out what makes people tick. But when I’m not actively mainlining story one way or another, I’m usually hanging out with friends or, you know, working the day job (which I love most days). I also dig exploring new restaurants, watching movies, traveling. Very occasionally I’ll try my hand at crafting (I like me some stamps and All the Pretty Ink).