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The original post appeared on the Rockville 8 blog in 2011. I’ve lightly edited the text. Every year I fortunate to celebrate my birthday with a handful of folks who share the same happy date. Often we exchange small gifts. About ten years ago, a former coworker made cell phone bling and each had a…

The Creativity Well
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The Creativity Well Revisited: Moving Eve, a Love Story in Brief

This post was first published on the Rockville 8 blog in 2010. Made me cry when I re-read the story I wrote about my grandparents. What a gift to rediscover it! A few months ago I blogged about my creativity well, the old farmhouse and grounds my grandparents inhabited for over forty years. I returned…

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My Eyes Are Up Here

Just before the Christmas of 2014, my beloved diesel VW Jetta threw a series of high maintenance jerk face tantrums and we finally, heartbreakingly, decided to see other people. Sniff. In good Romancelandia heroine fashion, I mourned. Deeply. La Jetta’s betrayal of our 11 years together stung, wounding me to the quick. But, again, when you…