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Craving My Roommate anthology

I’m joining a hunchabuncha authors – including 10 of my writing besties – to bring you next year’s beach read! In The One That I See, two roommates square off about a teeny, tiny (read: huge and life-changing) misunderstanding… and work through it with the help of a wardrobe malfunction involving a Princess Leia-style gold bikini.

Paranormal Romance

Love at Dawn: A Romance Anthology

A Really Big Dawn

She’s a vision walker determined to go through life alone rather than risk loss again after the deaths of her parents and sister. He’s the distracting, overprotective, really big werewolf sneaking into her dreams. Together they’ll catch an arsonist — if they don’t combust from the heat of their attraction first.

The Love at Dawn anthology is available on all platforms. All proceeds will go to support the work of the World Central Kitchen.

A Really Big Danger. The Motor City is taking them for a ride.

A Really Big Danger

Elyria and Declan travel to Detroit, determined to rescue her sister who is in really big danger.

I’ll be working on this follow up to A Really Big Dawn in 2024!

Contemporary Romance

The One that I Want by J. Keely Thrall

The One That I Want

This isn’t the summer Keira Tanner was expecting. First, Connor Mack, the nice guy she’s having a no-strings, kinky fling with, asks her out on an actual date. The nerve. Then their best friends plead for help planning their engagement party, so instead of running and hiding, Keira’s working closely with the man she just dumped and learning to cope with an overload of details. Like emotions. On top of all that, things at work go from bad to worse with a boss who betrays her and her estranged parents making an unexpected visit.

The work issue is easy to fix: Keira will start her own real estate agency with her posse. Even dealing with her parents is relatively straightforward. But true intimacy with Connor remains elusive — and just when she thinks she has this relationship thing licked, she blunders. Badly.

Now Keira must choose between retreating back to her lonely island (population: 1) and going all in to prove to Connor that he’s the one that she wants. Forever.

The One That I Want, a hot AF contemporary romance with a restaurant restroom built expressly for canoodling, will hit book retailers in the summer of 2023.

That One That I Love

David and Celia Mack are at a crossroads in their marriage. While Celia winds herself into knots as she prepares to land the biggest client of her career, David intervenes to show her that no matter the outcome, she’s the one that he loves.

The One That I Love is a novella with dirty talk, role playing, a little light discipline, and chocolate. (That restroom from The One That I Want? Makes its kinky debut here.)

The One That I Crave

Grumpy lawyer Felix Mack has no idea what to do about ray of sunshine Romy Nightengale’s return to New York City. Can an unexpected road trip to the Adirondacks give her the opening she needs to show him that she’s the one that he craves?

This book is still in the works. Will report back when it’s ready to share!

The One That I Cherish

Widower Johnny Mack has dated (a lot) since the death of his childhood sweetheart four years ago. Compensating for loneliness? Yeah, probably. But he’s not looking for another forever kind of love. Been there, broke the mold.

When Johnny begins seeing Isobella, he figures they’ll have some fun for a while before going their separate ways. She’s on board with that. After two dud marriages, all Issy wants is a good time, not a commitment. Cupid has other ideas and soon Johnny finds he needs to convince Isobella she deserves to be that one that he’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

This story is also more plan than reality at this point. Will keep you posted once I have this one on deck!